What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a training method that originated from accent Greece which by practitioners uses their bodyweight to develop a functional, muscular, and aesthetic physique.

The word Calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kallos which means beauty/perfekt and sthenos meaning strength. Calisthenics has a history as a training method for preparing soldiers for battle in ancient times.

Today the external goal of calisthenics is mainly to develop an aesthetic physique and aiming to master specific moves such as Muscle-ups, Front levers and Hand stand push-ups for advanced practitioners and Dips, Australian pull-ups and Push-ups for novice practitioners. When you train calisthenics a lot of mucles work together to perform a movement that gives you a very functional and well-proportioned physique. This training method brings a great combination of strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.

Our training philosophy

Summit Calisthenics focuses mainly on physique building workouts for all levels, novice - elite with the goal to reach a strong, aesthetic physique and a healthy body.

Workout information

Be Athletic & Fit

Strength and heart rate increasing workouts with the end goal of an athletic physique through strength exercises that combined strength and endurance.

Classic routine structure
Burn Fat & Get Toned

Heart rate increasing workouts with the end goal of burn fat through strength exercises that include as many muscle groups as possible in each exercise combined with other forms of high-intensity exercises.

Circuit routine structure
Build Mass & Explosive Strength

Strength workouts with longer rest periods in between sets with the end goal of building mass & explosive strength through exercises that always keep as much tension on the targeted muscle as possible throughout the exercise (mainly hypertrophy training)

Classic routine structure

Body part:

Full Body

Aims to activate all your muscles in your body.

Full Upper Body

Aims to activate your Chest, Back, Core, Arms & Shoulder muscles.

Lower Body

Aims to active your Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings & Calves muscles.

Upper Body Pull

Aims to activate your Back, Biceps, Rear shoulder & Core muscles.

Upper Body Push

Aims to activate your Chest, Triceps, Front shoulders & Core muscles.

Who is behind this guidance?

Axel Benjamin K. founded Summit Calisthenics in 2020. He has been training and developing his knowledge in calisthenics for the last decade. His passion in life is calisthenics and working with spreading his knowledge in this area to as many people as possible in a simple and compact format.

Axel has been testing different workout structures and techniques to develop his physique. He is constantly pushing himself to gain more training knowledge and spreading this knowledge with his audience.

Axel Benjamin K.
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